Breaking Crypto News: Missouri Passes Law

Breaking Crypto News: Missouri Passes Law to Defend the Rights of Cryptocurrency Miners. The state of Missouri has given the green light to a bill that seeks to ensure legal protection for companies and data center operators for mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Breaking Crypto News: Missouri Passes Law

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Breaking Crypto News: Missouri votes in favor of cryptocurrency mining

Missouri lawmakers vote to legally protect mining of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The Missouri State House of Representatives has passed Bill No. 764 , which is focused on the legal protection of cryptomining within the state territory.

Introduced by Representative Phil Christofanelli, Bill 764 establishes measures to protect cryptocurrency miners from discriminatory electricity rates, as well as a ban on domestic crypto mining. The text of the bill defends, among other things, that people have the right to run a node or a series of nodes to mine crypto assets.

Law No. 764 follows the example of the state of Mississippi, which formulated a similar bill in order to defend the rights of cryptocurrency miners, ensuring that the state requires companies and operators of miners and data centers to do the same. Requirements established for other companies.

In mid-February, the Mississippi Senate passed the Digital Asset Mining Protection bill. The Missouri Senate is also expected to pass Bill 764.

Binance US to Buy Voyager’s Assets for $1.3B

Voyager’s VGX rises 20% after Binance’s plan to acquire the company’s assets is approved. The assets of Voyager, the cryptocurrency investment company that filed for bankruptcy in mid-2022, will be acquired by Binance US in a deal worth $ 1.3 billion.

Binance had presented a plan at the end of December to help restructure the failed company. So far, however, the US bankruptcy court judge had not issued his authorization until yesterday, when he gave the green light to the company’s plan to acquire Voyager’s assets.

The news has had a positive impact on the price of VGX, Voyager’s native token, which has risen 20% in the last few hours, according to data from the CoinMarketCap platform. As of this writing, VGX is trading around $0.47 per unit.

Jack Dorsey involves the crypto community in the development of his project

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has launched a query about his mining development kit. Through a blog, Dorsey explained that “The Mining Development Kit” or “mining development kit” (MDK) is a set of tools that will help unlock innovation in Bitcoin mining hardware.

The mining development kit is part of their project to build a new silicon-based open source bitcoin mining system. This project received the enthusiasm and approval of the crypto community, so Dorsey, through his other company Block, will continue to develop it.

Block plans to get involved in the bitcoin mining semiconductor chip development market, in order to increase innovation, improve efficiency and decentralization in the mining of this cryptocurrency. Dorsey looks forward to receiving feedback from the crypto community on his new MDK development kit.