DigiByte price prediction 2022-2031 | DGB price prediction

DigiByte price prediction 2022-2031 for 10 years. The price of DigiByte is expected to continue to rise in the coming years because it is already in a downtrend since 2021. Before discussing all the possible DigiByte price predictions, we should understand this crypto.

What is DigiByte

Digibyte was launched on January 10th, 2014 by an entrepreneur and programmer named Jared Tate. He had a very clear objective to develop a cryptocurrency with fast transactions that is more secure than those that were offered until then in the market. Jared Tate had also worked with the bitcoin development team since 2012. In 2013, he proposed a series of major changes to the bitcoin core protocol that resulted in the creation of Digibyte in 2014.

Digibyte is a blockchain that allows the operations carried out in a system could be safely registered and easily verified without the need to an intermediary like a bank. Digibyte has become one of the safest and most decentralized UTXO blockchains in the crypto sphere. Digibyte uses the same consensus protocol as bitcoin which is proof of work. UTXO is an acronym that means Unspent Transaction Output and it’s used by bitcoin.

Digibyte does not keep track of each account’s balances but rather determines that the amount of DGB a person has, is the sum of the unspent transactions. Once the UTXO is spent and registered on the blockchain, it cannot be used in another transaction because the miners would reject it. Proof-of-work turns out to be very safe but it consumes a lot of power and is really slow. Digibyte looks like bitcoin but it also looks like Ethereum too. Digibyte uses proof of work but allows smart contracts to run on its platform.

Digibyte was also the first major blockchain to adopt Segregated Witness (SegWit). SegWit is a solution devised in order to solve the problem of the possible manipulation of bitcoin transactions and also seek to improve its scalability. Digibyte blocks occur every 15 seconds, which is 40 times faster than bitcoin. The early adoption of SegWit allows up to 1066 on-chain transactions per second.

DigiByte Crypto Overview

As of the time of writing, the price of DGB is at $0.02796 having a market cap of 36,504,011,515. The price is expected to rise in long term. If you are interested in this cryptocurrency, be sure to check out these predictions for your next purchase.

Project ParametersDetail
Name of ProjectDigiByte
Stock SymbolDGB
Current Price$0.02796
Current Rank148
Current Circulating Supply15.20B DGB
Total Supply / Max Supply15,201,417,912/ 21,000,000,000
24H Price Change18.09%
Market Cap$423,764,222
All-Time High$0.1571
Official Websitehttps://digibyte.org

DigiByte Past Price Analysis

The DigiByte price has fluctuated since its launch in January 2014. It climbed from $0.0003178 (2014) to $0.1260 in January 2018. The price starts falling and from 2018 to 2021 the price moved in a sideways manner without any big price pump. In January 2021 the price again came in bullish mode and reached all times high of $0.1571 in May 2021.

DigiByte price prediction DigiByte Past Price Analysis
Source: coinmarketcap DigiByte Past Price Analysis
DigiByte price prediction DigiByte Past Price Analysis
Source: coinmarketcap DigiByte Past Price Analysis

DigiByte price prediction

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact price of the cryptocurrency in the near future, but if you have an eye on the market, you can be confident that the price may remain at the current level for a long time. However, investors should pay close attention to its market trends and keep an eye on digital currency. If the price prediction comes true, it will likely continue to be a good investment. DigiByte prices are based on factors like the number of developments made by the development team.

DigiByte price prediction 2022-2027

The price prediction according to our technical analysis from 2022-2027 is given in the below table.

YearMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
2022 $0.0195$0.0443 $0.0690
2023 $0.0204$0.0757 $0.1310
2024 $0.0571$0.1341 $0.2110
2025 $0.1003$0.1812 $0.2620
2026 $0.1598$0.2501$ 0.3404
2027$ 0.2168$0.2901 $0.3634

Digibyte price prediction 2022: The DigiByte price has risen to $0.15 in the year 2021. Then, it began a steady decline and reached a low value. The max DGB price prediction for 2022 is to reach  $0.069. The lowest support is predicted to be  $0.0195 and the average price throughout the year is expected to be $0.04425.

Digibyte price prediction 2023: The digital currency’s price is expected to rise in 2023 to a maximum of $0.1310. Moreover, it is predicted to fall to $0.0204 at the lowest point. By 2023, it is estimated that DigiByte will average a value of $0.0757. If the bears can hold on for a long period, then Digibyte prices might drop further.

Digibyte (DGB) price prediction 2024: According to technical analysis, the DGB max price will continue to rise to $0.2110. The coin’s average price will be $0.1341 thought out 2024. Digibyte price could reach as low as $0.0571, the lowest possible support level.

Digibyte price prediction 2025: The DigiByte (DGB) price is expected to be $0.2620 maximum by the year 2025. In addition to this, there is a possibility that the cryptocurrency may fall to the lowest value of $0.1003. The average respected price for this year is $0.1812.

DigiByte Crypto price prediction 2026: According to DigiByte price prediction 2025, the cryptocurrency is expected to grow and gain a maximum price of $0.3404. The lowest level of price is $0.1598 and the average price throughout 2026 is estimated to be $0.2501.
DigiByte price prediction 2027: The price of the cryptocurrency DigiByte is expected to increase in 2027 and reach $0.3634 maximum. The price may touch the down level of $0.2168 and the average trading price is $0.2901.

DigiByte price prediction 2028-2031

The DigiByte price prediction 2028-2031 is done by the priceprediction.net platform shown in the above table.

DigiByte Price Forecast 2028: The DigiByte max price is expected to reach $0.3200 and a minimum level of $0.2700. The average price throughout 2028 is expected to be $0.2800.

DigiByte Crypto price prediction 2029: The DGB max price is expected to reach a value of $0.4800 maximum by 2029. The lower support level is forecasted to be at $0.4100 and the average price for this year is $0.4200.

DGB price prediction 2030:  The technical analysis of DGB for price prediction 2030 shows that the price will continue to increase. DGB Price Prediction of 2030 for the average price is $0.5900. The minimum predicted value of DGB is $0.5700 and the DigiByte max price is forecasted to be $0.6900. If the community and developers are committed, it may be hot crypto by the end of the decade.

DGB Price Prediction 2031: By the end of this period, the DGB max price may be $0.9800. The average price for 2031 is expected to be 0.8600 and the minimum price of $0.8400.

Digibyte price prediction 2035: The price prediction for 2035 is not yet done by anyone but by considering the predicted price from 2022 to 2031 given above, the expected price of Digibyte is around $1.10 maximum.

DigiByte price prediction by Experts

The DigiByte cryptocurrency is not clearly going in up direction from all-time history. It makes ATH and then drops to the lowest value, remaining in that lowest level for a long time and then rising. So the exact price prediction is not possible, but rather these below predictions are just estimations.

The DigiByte price prediction after 10 years is $0.13 maximum, which is not too bullish.


The DigiByte price is forecasted maximum price is $0.040 in 2022

Trading Beasts

DigiByte price prediction expected a maximum value of $0.052 by the end of 2025.

Digital Coin Price

The future price of DGB coin is predicted at an average price of $0.065 in 2023.

GOV Capital

The maxium DGB price predicted is $0.041 for 2022, and it will be worth an average price of $0.15 in 5 years.

Tech News Leader

Based on our DigiByte forecast, a long-term increase is expected, the DGB price prediction for 2027 average price is $0.156. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +531.58%.

Wallet Investor

At the end of 2022, the DGB price might reach $0.0629 .By the end of 2027, the maximum price forecasted is $0.16.

Crypto Ground


What is DigiByte (DGB)? DigiByte is a faster cryptocurrency. It is an innovative blockchain used for smart contracts, digital assets, Dapps, and secure authentication.

How to Buy DGB Tokens? This crypto is listed on 49 exchanges. Some of the top exchanges are Binance, KuCoin, Bittrex, Bybit, Huobi Global, WazirX, and Crypto.com Exchange. The complete list of exchanges where you can buy this crypto is provided below.

Artis Turba, Binance, Bitbns, Bitci, Bitcoiva, BITEXLIVE, Bitfinex, BitMart, Bitrue, Bittrex, BitTurk, Bittylicious, BitUBU, Bitvavo, Bybit, Changelly PRO, CoinDCX, CoinEx, CoinField, Crex24, Crypto.com Exchange, DigiFinex, Dove Wallet, Finexbox, FMFW.io, Folgory, FreiExchange, Graviex, HitBTC, Huobi Global, Indodax, KuCoin, LATOKEN, LCX Exchange, LiteBit.EU, NovaDAX, OceanEx, OKX, Pionex, ProBit Global, qTrade, SafeTrade, StakeCube, STEX, Upbit, VALR, VCC Exchange, WazirX, YoBit

What is the current all-time high (ATH) of DigiByte? The All-time high price of DGB is $0.1571

Is DGB a good investment There are many cryptocurrencies we have discussed already. According to the price history for this coin if you are looking for long-term investment then you should not consider this crypto. For short-term profit, it Is a good investment.

Can DGB reach $0.1 soon? Yes, it’s very much possible that DGB might reach $0.1at the end of 2022 or in 2023.

Can Digibyte reach $10? Now, this is a very big target as for the predictions made above this achievement is possible but the exact time cannot be predicted. If the market cap of DGB reaches $381.3 billion equal to the current market cap of Ethereum then the price of DigiByte will reach $25. The market cap required for reaching $10 is $152.0 Billion.


DigiByte has revolutionized various industries since its start. The coin has been approved by a number of regulators, and a team of developers is working hard to promote it and boost acceptance. This guide is a self-evaluation of how well DGB has performed in the past and the likelihood of further success in the future.