DNT Price Prediction 2022 to 2031

This is the DNT Price Prediction guide, before discussing the forecast let’s discussed the fundamentals of this project.

What is District0x

District0x is a platform that allows users to easily launch their own decentralized platforms, which are governed by AI decentralized autonomous organization structure. Each of these platforms is termed a district and can be launched free of charge on the district0x. Districts are marketplaces and communities that exist as decentralized autonomous organizations on the district0x network. The ecosystem is powered by the customd0x infra net framework, which provides a set of basic smart contracts and libraries that users can use when building out their districts.

Native token

The native token of the district0x ecosystem is DNT. DNT is an erc20 token that is mostly used for community governance. The platform uses a combination of three main technologies Ethereum, Aragon DAO, and the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) protocol. The Ethereum blockchain is used for hosting districts. Whereas Aragon is used as the governance layer for the district0x network allowing DNT stakers to benefit from governance rights and help shape the development and operation of their chosen districts. Lastly, IPFS is used for serving the district0x website source code and for user uploads within districts. District0x was founded in 2017 by Joe Urgo and Matus Lestan.

What makes district0x unique

District0x is built to tackle some of the inefficiencies that come with creating and operating distributed community marketplaces. It does this by providing a wide range of smart contracts and front-end libraries that developers can use to easily launch their own districts while providing a simple platform for community governance. Unlike some other platforms which charge a fee for launching new applications. Developers can create a district for free, so this project is clearly for developers.

DNT Crypto Overview

Project Parameters Detail
Name of Project district0x
Stock Symbol DNT
Current Rank 667
Current Circulating Supply 600,000,000.00 DNT
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
Market Cap $12,180,260
All-Time High $0.40 (7 January 2018)
Official Website https://district0x.io/

DNT Crypto Past Price Analysis

The DNT Crypto price start rising from $0.016 at the time of listing on coinmarketcap and reached its all-time high value of $0.40 (7 January 2018). Then the downtrend of DNT crypto started and in 2019 DNT dropped to almost $0.1. DNT Crypto fluctuated between the value of $0.1 and $0.08 from 11 November 2018 to 5 November 2020. In 2020 DNT cryptocurrency started rising again and in the month of April, the price reached again to $0.36. Then the price gain starts falling to the current value of $0.0204.

DNT Price Prediction

DNT price prediction 2022 to 2031

These prices are the results of technical analysis but the prices may be different depending on the crypto market situation and project.

Year Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
2022 $0.018 $0.024 $0.026
2023 $0.044 $0.05 $0.052
2024 $0.06 $0.07 $0.074
2025 $0.078 $0.09 $0.094
2026 $0.078 $0.09 $0.094
2027 $0.097 $0.10 $0.11
2028 $0.14 $0.145 $0.15
2029 $0.20 $0.205 $0.21
2030 $0.28 $0.285 $0.29
2031 $0.38 $0.385 $0.40

District0x (DNT) price prediction 2022: The maximum DNT price prediction for 2022 is expected to reach $0.026, with an average trading price of $0.024, and the least value predicted is $0.018.

District0x Forecast 2023: The lowest DNT crypto price can be $0.044, and the average district0x price will be around $$0.05 by the end of 2023. District0x crypto will reach the $0.052 maximum level.

DNT Forecast 2024: Market analysts predict that DNT will start the year at $0.06 and trade with an average value of $0.07. The maximum value may reach above $0.074.

DNT price prediction 2025: The district0x price prediction for 2025 is an expected maximum of $0.094. DNT is predicted to be traded with an average value of $0.0896 or $0.09 throughout 2025, and it could drop to the lowest value of 0.078.

DNT Crypto Forecast 2026: DNT token Price Prediction, will experience growth in 2026 and may gain new highs with a maximum value of $0.094. The minimum price is predicted to be around $0.0784, and the average price may be around $0.09.

District0x Forecast 2027: According to market analysts and industry experts DNT’s average value is predicted to be $0.10 in 2027. The least price is predicted to be $0.097, The highest price might be $0.11 per coin.

District0x Price Forecast 2028: The DNT token Price Prediction using technical analysis reveals that will reach the $0.15 maximum. The average price for this year is expected to be $0.145 The lowest price level is forecasted to be $0.14.

Price Prediction of DNT 2029: DNT token Price predictions are expected to cross the $0.205 average price level, and the minimum price is expected to be $0.20. Additionally, DNT can reach a maximum price level of $0.21.

District0x price prediction 2030: DNT price prediction 2030 is estimated to reach a $0.28 minimum by 2030. With an average trading price of $0.285 throughout 2030, The value could reach $0.29 at its highest.

Price Prediction of District0x 2031: DNT will reach the bottom level of $0.38. It may try to get the maximum price of $0.40 with the average forecast price of $0.39.

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