How to earn cryptocurrency free online 5-10$ Per Day

Sproutgigs is a micro-job platform where users can earn cryptocurrency free online by completing small tasks or “micro-jobs” and where employers can hire individuals to do these tasks. Also you can earn money by providing your services to the customers in form of gig as provided by fiverr. Third way of making money on Sproutgigs is completing offers and surveys. The old name of this website was picoworkers and recently changed to its new new Sproutgigs. Watch the below video for complete understanding

How get started on Sproutgigs

  1. Sign Up: Go to the Sproutgigs website and create an account. Remember make the account with your original name and address etc. Becuase you will need to verify your account using your identity documents.
  2. Complete Your Profile: Ensure that your profile is complete and accurate. This may increase your chances of getting more tasks.
  3. Browse Available Jobs: Check the platform regularly for available jobs. These can range from simple tasks like liking a YouTube video, signing up for a website, completing a survey, or more complex tasks depending on your skills.
  4. Follow Instructions Carefully: Each task will have specific instructions. Ensure you follow them closely to ensure that your work gets approved. Not following instructions could lead to a rejection of your work, which might affect your rating on the platform.
  5. Submit Proof: Some tasks will require you to submit proof of completion, like a screenshot or a link. Make sure it clearly shows you’ve completed the task as instructed.
  6. Build a Good Reputation: Just like other freelance platforms, your reputation is crucial. Complete tasks accurately and on time, and avoid any actions that might lead to negative feedback.
  7. Withdraw Your Earnings: Once you reach the minimum threshold, you can withdraw your earnings. Make sure to set up your preferred payment method, whether it’s PayPal, cryptocurrency (Litecoin), or another option provided by the platform.
  8. Stay Active: The more active you are, the more tasks you can complete, and the more money you can earn. Regularly check the platform for new jobs and opportunities.
  9. Consider Both Small and Big Tasks: While smaller tasks might pay less, they often take less time and can add up. Larger tasks might be more involved but might offer a better payout. Balance your workload based on your preferences and available time.
  10. Stay Updated: Keep an eye out for any updates or changes on the platform. They might introduce new features, opportunities, or rules.
  11. Avoid Violations: Ensure you don’t violate any of the platform’s terms and conditions. Doing so might lead to account suspension or bans.

Earn cryptocurrency By Selling Services on Sproutgigs

Before some months Sproutgigs launched a new way of earning on their platform. In this method you can even earn more money by selling your services to the clients. I earned huge amount by selling my services on this platform. I noticed that the most famous and viral service on the platform is content writing for website. If you are good in content writing then this is a big opportunity for you. The type of services that you can sell includes: Architecture and Interior Design, Convert Files, Digital Marketing, Digital Writing, E-Learning Content, Financial & Business Consulting, Graphic Design, Legal Consulting, Lifestyle, Marketplace, Mobile Apps, Music, Music Promotion, Online Instruction/Coaching, Packaging & Label Design, Photo & Video, Presentation, Press Releases, Telemarketing, Transcription, Voice over, Web Design, Web Development, Web Programming, and White Board & Animated Explainers. Some of the example of services people are already selling is given below.

To start selling on Sproutgigs just login to your account and go to the gigs sections. You will see “Post Gig” option. Just click that and follow the instructions and set price for you service. You can copy content and images for you service from other freelancing websites like fiverr.

Earn cryptocurrency By completing surveys and offers

Sproutgigs also provide the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency free online by completing surveys and offers. When you login to your account you will see an option of surveys and offers at the top of the website. Where you can start earning and each offer/survey give you from 0.05$ to 1$ per completion. The surveys are offered by many different companies including: AdGateMedia, AdscendMedia,BitLabs, lootably, RevU, OfferToro, Wannads, Pollfish, timewall, Purespectrum, and ayeT-Studios.

How to Withdraw from Sproutgigs

Once you reached the minimum payout threshold of 5$. You can withdraw your earning using these methods (i) Cryptocurrency Litecoin (ii) AirTM (iii) Uphold. As you are interested in earn cryptocurrency free online, So the first method is recommended for you. I always withdraw my earning to Binance or Coinbase. When you have earned 5$, just click on the wallet bottom at the top and then click on withdraw option. Now select payment option the Litecoin and provide the amount and your Litecion address.

You can get you litecoin address from your Binance or coinbase account. The address can be found in the deposit section of your account.

How to Withdraw from Sproutgigs

Sproutgigs Proof of Payment

As I am using this platform for long time, so I got many payments using cryptocurrency. You can See my payment proofs below that I have gotten from this website.

earn cryptocurrency free online | Sproutgigs Proof of Payment
earn cryptocurrency free online | Sproutgigs Proof of Payment

Transections Proofs on Litecoin blockchain

Sproutgigs Proof of Payment


Remember, earning cryptocurrency free online needs patience and consistency are key. The more reliable and efficient you are in completing tasks, the better your reputation will be, leading to potentially more and better-paying tasks. Always be cautious, ensure you’re not sharing sensitive personal information unless necessary, and be wary of tasks that seem suspicious or too good to be true.