Keanu Reeves’ opinion on cryptocurrencies and NFTs

Canadian actor Keanu Reeves is a strong supporter of cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology, calling them “incredible tools for sharing and distributing resources” in a recent interview. Talking to Wired, the star of the popular movie “The Matrix” produced by Warner Bros. Discovery Incwbd. He acknowledged the volatility of cryptocurrencies, but added that “hacked cryptocurrencies or volatility, it’s only going to make it better in terms of how it’s safeguarded.”

In particular, Reeves is interested in the implications of digital art technologies like AI and NFT, noting that “NFT digital art exists.” While he acknowledges the novelty of AI-generated art and NFTs, he is also concerned about the ” corporatocracy behind it that seeks to control those things.” “I think it’s great, I mean, look what the cute machines can do!” Reeves expressed. “But culturally, socially, we are going to face the value of the real or the non-value. And then what are they going to impose on us? What is going to be presented to us?

Reeves’ interest in digital art and NFTs led him to become an advisor to digital art charity The Futureverse Foundation, which funds artists looking to get into the NFT space. The charity aims to support artists interested in creating digital art and NFTs by providing them with the necessary resources and mentorship. Reeves previously dismissed NFT art as “easily reproducible” in an interview to promote “The Matrix Resurrections.”

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He has since changed his stance and is now more supportive of emerging technology. “I didn’t understand how it worked, and then when you get involved and see it, it’s like, ‘Oh wow.’ It’s a world, it’s evolving and it’s growing,” Reeves said in a recent interview with GQ.