Polygon Price Prediction 2022-31 | MATIC Price Forecast

This article is about “Polygon Price Prediction 2022-2030 | MATIC Price Forecast”. We have presented the prices predicted by experts and our opinion on these prices. Before this analysis read this Basis guide About What is Polygon MATIC | How does Polygon Works?

Polygon Price Prediction and price history chart
Polygon Price History graph

MATIC Price Forecast

This crypto is currently trading at $1.51 having a market cap of $11,602,554,174 with a trading volume of $1,043,418,301 in the last 24hours. the current rank based on the market cap is 16. Some MATIC coin Price Forecast by many experts is presented below with the opinions on which one is the most accurate.

Polygon Price Prediction by Namecoinnews

The MATIC Price Forecast by Namecoinnews is provided below. According to this Polygon crypto Price Prediction, the Minimum Price in 2022 is $1.30 and the Maximum Price is $4.01. After five years 2026, the Minimum Price may reach $7.523 and the Maximum Price will be $10.598. The continuously progressive price will touch $12.24 in 2030.

Opinion: If you look at the history of cryptocurrency the solid projects of this space is skyrocketed in the recent three years. For example, the BNB coin price was 11 cents in 2017 and at the time of writing this article, the BNB price is $394.84 (9-March-2022) and BNB also makes an all-time price as well of around $600. There are hundreds of such cryptos that have grown thousands of times in only these three years. So if the market grows at that speed then these prices are average prices and will be achieved very easily depending on the project improvements. In our opinion, the polygon is a strong project and may even reach a higher price than these.

YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price

Polygon Price Prediction coinpriceforecast

The Polygon coin Price Prediction is also done by Coinpriceforecast for the duration of 11 years. According to this Price Prediction of Polygon in the mid of 2022, the price will be $1.84 and $1.65 at the end of 2022. After five years the price in June will be $3.37 and will reach $3.67 in December 2026. After 11 years the maximum price at end of 2033 will be $5.21.

Opinion: This Polygon Price Forecast by coinpriceforecast is very undervalued, the project fundamentals are strong, so the prices may jump to higher values than these given prices. If the crypto market grows following the past history of the market then polygon may reach $68.62 in 2031 as predicted by Priceprediction.


Polygon Price Prediction Priceprediction.net

The MATIC Price Prediction from 2022-2031 is done by Priceprediction for Minimum, Average and Maximum price of each year. According to this Price Forecast of MATIC, the minimum price in 2022 is $1.99, the average price will be $2.05 and the maximum price will reach $2.23. The minimum price predicted for 2022 is not accurate as we have seen the minimum price is dropped to $1.29 in recent weeks. According to these predictions, the maximum price in 2026 will touch $10.50. This maximum price will shoot to $68.62 in 2031 after 5 years.

Opinion: Now according to the adoption speed and crypto history, we consider that these prices are very accurate to be achieved in these 11 years. As discussed above according to MATIC Price Forecast the maximum price will reach $68.62 in 2031. To achieve this price the market cap of Matic should reach 673.9 Billion in 2031 taking into account the max supply in circulation. In 11 years this market cap is not a huge target because crypto adoption is in its high phase now.

YearMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
2023$2.93$3.03 $3.45

Which one is best MATIC Price Forecast ?

As we have discussed the Price Prediction of MATIC comes from different experts with our opinion. We consider that the most accurate prediction is done by Priceprediction.net. The others predicted values are less accurate and undervalues. As there is a downside to the crypto market is less bullish situations that price may also be precise.

The analysis from a different expert is very crucial to observe because each platform use their own techniques to predict future prices. In the coming contents, we will also discuss further MATIC crypto Price Forecasts by some other experts.