SafeMoon Crypto Price Prediction 2022-2031

Welcome to this blog a place about cryptocurrency, and price predictions for cryptocurrencies. SafeMoon is actually outside of the top 100 even outside of the top 200 but there’s a lot of interest in it. So the SafeMoon crypto price prediction is important and in the end we will see is it a good idea to invest into safe moon. The SafeMoon has fastest growing crypto community, you can buy, swap, analyze through chart and you can download the safe moon wallet on google play or app store.

Safemoon have exchange and definitely check out their website and also check out their twitter having 1.4 million followers which is crazy because this is what Ethereum has. They have 153,415 followers on Facebook and 554,351 watchlists on coinmarketcap. This is not a top cryptocurrency but there’s a lot of interest. To get updates and info you can follow the official social pages from thier website.

In this article we will discuss SafeMoon Crypto Price Prediction for both version V1 and V2 and the you can compare both of them correspoignly. The V1 coin price prediction is just discussed for informational purposes, you have to see the Version 2 or V2 SFM coin price prediction.

What is safemoon?

safemoon is a BEP20 token launch on the Binance smart chain ecosystem on march 8 2021. Binance smart chain is a centralized finance ecosystem and a competitive Ethereum decentralized Finance DeFi ecosystem. Safemoon has quickly reasoned to be binance’s third largest token by market capitalization. The cryptocurrency has three core components the first is reflection, fee charge on transactions given to various liquidity pools on pancakeswap and other platforms, third component is a token burn that occurs on each trade and all other detail is provide in white paper.

Recently they have migrated to a new contract address and the name of new version is SafeMoon V2 having token simple SFM. So if you do analysis then look for SafeMoon V2 or SFM because the old version will show different and nonupdated parameter. In the new version the circulating supply is reduce eliminating 3 zeros.

SafeMoon Crypto Price Prediction

Version 1 (V1) SafeMoon Current Statistics

The current SafeMoon crypto value is $0.000001342 and all time high $0.00001194. It went from zero to the all-time high, then it went down then up again and now going sideways.

Project ParametersDetail
Name of ProjectSafeMoon
Stock SymbolSAFEMOON
Launching Date/YearMarch 2021
Building NetworkBNB
Analysis Date28 February 2022
Current Price$0.000001342
Current Rank213
Current Circulating Supply585,536.37B SAFEMOON
Total Supply / Max Supply1,000,000,000,000,000 (1,000 Trillion)
24H Price Change 14.14%
Market Cap$785,573,408
All Time High$0.00001194
All Time Low$0
Official Website
Where to buy SafemoonPancakeSwap (V2), Bitrue, Hotbit, BitForex,, BitMart, Quidax, and Biswap.
WalletTrustWallet, Safemoon Wallet, Metamask

V1 SafeMoon Crypto Price Prediction 2022-2031

The V1 Safe Moon Price Prediction according to from 2022-2031 for the old version of safemoon is is given in below table. According to the prediction the Safemoon maximum price in 2022 may reach $0.00000201 and this price will reach to $0.00005602 in 2031.

YearMax Predicted PriceYearMax Predicted Price

Version 2 (V2) SafeMoon Current Statistics

The maximum circulation supply of SafeMoon in V1 is 1000 Trillion and in V2 it is reduced 1 Trillion. It means that the price of new version will have higher value as compared with old version.

Project ParametersDetail
Name of ProjectSafeMoon V2
Stock SymbolSFM
Launching Date/YearDecember 2021,
Building NetworkBNB
Analysis Date28 February 2022
Current Price$0.001137
Current Rank2998
Current Circulating Supply575.00B SFM
Total Supply / Max Supply1,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion)
24H Price Change -3.05%
Market Cap$654,060,137
All Time High$0.0002792
All Time Low$0.00017
Official Website
Where to buy, LBank, PancakeSwap (V2), MEXC,
BitMart, BitTurk, XT.COM, WhiteBIT, Jubi.
WalletTrustWallet, Safemoon Wallet, Metamask

How to Buy Safemoon on Trust Wallet

V2 SafeMoon Crypto Price Prediction 2022-2031

According to price predictions made for Safemoon V1. The V2 price prediction for the 10 years is given below in table. As for new version of safemoon 3 zeros are eliminated from maximum supply, so accordingly the price will be. The Safemoon V2 Price Prediction for 2022 is $0.000201 and it will reach $0.05 by eliminating two more zeros in 2031. These SFM Crypto Price Prediction 2022-2031 are looking to be the most cocurate as compared with other cryptocurrency forecasting platforms.

YearMax Predicted PriceYearMax Predicted Price

SFM Crypto Price Prediction by digitalcoinprice for the 10 years is given below in table. These SafeMoon Forecast are normal for this crypto to achieve and the price may go much higher depending to cryptocurrency market of that time. According to these Price Prediction of SafeMoon the gain for 10 years will be around 500%.

YearMax Predicted PriceYearMax Predicted Price

The SafeMoon price Forecast of 4 years from 2022 to 2025 made by TradingBeast is provided below. The safemoon v2 price prediction for 2022 is $0.0025575 and this will reach to $0.0041750 in 2025. So the average price in 2025 comes out to be $0.0034775. These Forecasted Safemoon prices are very easy to achieve, it can go even higher than these forecasted prices.

YearMax Predicted Price

SafeMoon Crypto Where to Buy

How to buy SafeMoon and Where to Buy? There are many centralized exchanges offering safemoon buying and selling. The Safemoon v1 is listed on these exchanges PancakeSwap (V2), Bitrue, Hotbit, BitForex,, BitMart, Quidax, and Biswap.

The V2 Safemoon is available on these exchanges:, LBank, PancakeSwap (V2), MEXC, BitMart, BitTurk, XT.COM, WhiteBIT, and Jubi.

If you want to buy and hold for long time then you can buy it using decentralized wallets TrustWallet, Metamask.

Is SafeMoon a good investment?

Make up your own mind on whether you should invest into SafeMoon or any other cryptocurrency and do proper research. Meme Coins are greatly volatile in price, so before investment do you own research, especially crypto market position and the project current situations. Meme coins can give you huge profit but there is also down side as well.

Conclusion SafeMoon Price Prediction

As the safemoon is officially shifted to the new version, the parameter and Price Forecast of Safemoon discussed here for old version is just for the sake of knowledge. But you have to analyze the V2 version because you will buy SFM coin. We have provided SafeMoon coin Price Prediction form three different sources. After looking at those prices and the current situation of the popularity of this crypto, we have concluded that the maximum price prediction of SafeMoon may reach to $0.05 in 2031 and if the average price of all these SafeMoon Price Forecasts 2022-2031 is taken that will be $0.009566, so average price in 2031 may be $0.009566.