Sandbox Crypto Price Prediction 2026-2033

To discuss the Sandbox Crypto Price Prediction, Let understand the base of this project before.

The Sandbox is a cryptocurrency that’s been in development for few years. Its team is slowly building a virtual world that gives users full creative freedom. The Sandbox consists of some essential elements: the virtual world, the community, and the wallet. This unique platform is ideal for game developers, allowing them to make their own games and earn money from them.

The company’s founders are optimistic about the future of the project. Arthur Madrid, the CEO of Pixowl, is a former university student. His background in economics makes him an excellent choice to lead the company. As long as the project has the potential to deliver profits, it’s a worthwhile investment. And while you’re in it, make sure to read up on the latest news to find out more about this emerging technology. If you are one of the investors then you must know about sandbox predictions.

Project ParametersDetail
Name of ProjectThe Sandbox
Stock SymbolSAND
Analysis DateWednesday, 23 February 2022
Current Price$3.08 (63 down from all times high)
Current Rank37
Current Circulating Supply1.09 Billion SAND
Total Supply / Max Supply3,000,000,000
24H Price Change 0.93%
Market Cap$3,357,174,003
All Time High$8.40 (24-Nov-2022)
All Time Low$0.05 at time of listing on Coinmarketcap
Sandbox Crypto Price Prediction

The sandbox crypto price prediction 2022

The Sandbox’s price is currently at $3.10 having marketcap $3,357,174,003. The 36% of Maximum SANDS coins is already in circulation. After making all times high price in nevermore 2021 the price began to decline and is not 63 down. This coin got 685% increase from the beginning of 2021 till November. The price may reach $8 at the end of 2022 (walletinvestor), increasing by 60+ percent. The highest price for the year 2022 predicted by is 115-132$ but this is not going to happen because crypto market is already down 46%. The current marketcap value of Sand is 3.3 Billion. To reach 115$ the marketcap required should reach 40.3 Billion. It means the marketcap must be increase by 13 times. The most reasonable price for December 2022 is $8.4 by Crowdwisdom

Max Price in DEC 2022Source
$ 8.4Crowdwisdom

Sandbox Price Forecast 2023

The Sandbox cryptocurrency price is expected to reach a minimum of $15.89 by the end of the year 2023 prediction made by Uptobrain and coinpriceforecast, The SAND to USD price will be max $3.93 in december 2023 (digitalcoinprice). Wallet investor predicted that the price may declines to $0.061281 Per sand. Well the most accurate bullish price at the end of 2023 is between $15-16. If we takes the average of all these predicted values then the values then it comes out to be $9.65. The predicted prices for SAND/USDT is provided in the table below with predicted organization names.

Max Price in DEC 2023Source

Price Prediction of Sandbox Crypto 2024

The price prediction for the end of 2024 is $22 Maximum in cane of bullish market and if the project remains steady. According to WalletInvestor the bearish scenario in December 2024 the possibility of the price reaching is $2.52. By making an average of all the forecasted values, the obtained price is 13.50 USDT, So the average value of Sand crypto may be $13.5.

Max Price in DEC 2024Source

SAND crypto price prediction 2025

The price may go bearish upto 0.183844 by the prediction of WalletInvestor. The Most bullish price predicted is $24-25 by Uptobrain and coinpriceforecast. All the prices predicted are: 6.02, 8.52, 12.86, 24.59, and 24.2 USDT. So the average price may is nearly 15.3 dollars.

Max Price in DEC 2025Source

SAND crypto price Forecast 2026-2033

Accoding to the prediction the price can reach to 30$ in 2026, and may be as low as 5$. At the end of 2027 the price can grow further touching 40$, and digitalcoinprice forecasted the price to be 9$ at end of 2027. In short the price may rise to 70$ in 11 years (2022-2033) the prediction is made by coinpriceforecast, but another higher price is predicted to be 170$ for the year of 2031 by $125.49. According to these anolyis from 2026-2033 the average price should be 40$ at the end of 2033.

Month YearMaximum PriceSource


Price of Sand crypto will grow with developing market from current price $3.08 to $70.29 in 10 years. If these Sandbox Crypto Price Prediction is achieved. In this rapidly growing industry the price may change and can go higher than the expected prices in long terms.