SLP Price Prediction | SLP Forecast 2022-2031

The cryptocurrency is on the verge of a bear market and is inching closer to an all-time low. Its circulating supply of 5.10B SLP Coins is rapidly increasing. The SLP token was bullish in 2021 and after 22-July-2021 the bearish trend of this coin starts from 0.33$ to the current price. It price is directly dependent on the Axie Infinity game growth. If the price of Axie Infinity crypto rise then consequently the price of SLP will rise.. Before SLP Price Prediction, it is important to understand some fundamentals of Smooth Love Potion.

SLP Price Prediction

Smooth Love Potion Fundamental Analysis

These Fundamental Analysis is for the date of Tuesday, 18 February 2022 and will change with time except the fixed parameters. The maximum supply is not clearly defines for SPL token, so it is not a good option for long term investment and cannot provide good return on investment.

SLP Price Prediction 2022

There are a lot of different SLP price predictions for the future. Some of them are based on the latest upgrades. The cryptocurrency Small Love Potion is predicted to rise to a value of $0.039 by the end of 2022 and according to the price can touch $0.055326. This estimate is based on the current price of the SLP currency and its growth over the next year. You can find SLP price prediction on various forums and websites. The currency is currently fluctuating between $0.02 and $0.03.

SLP Forecast 2023

SLP price is predicted by will go down in December 2023 to the level of $0.019963. If the market condition was good then the price can reach to 0.064462 in 2023.

Smooth Love Potion Price Prediction 2024

The price can be in between $0.054185–$0.068432 range according to WalletInvestor, and TradingBeast.

SLP Forecast 2025

The Price the year 2025 predicted by TechNewsLeader is $0.14 and if we calculate the average price from analytics then the Average Price Prediction for 2025 is $0.103.

Another price prediction made by TradingBeast is $0.039641 lowest price and $0.078102 highest price. Some other predictions said that the price can go above this value.

SLP Price Prediction 2026-2027

According to the the price can touch $2 in 2026 and in 2027 the highest price may be 3.33$.

SLP Forecast 2028-2029

According to the the price can touch $4.88 in 2028 and in 2029 the highest price may be 7.00$.

SLP Price Prediction 2030-2031

The forecast for the year of 2030 made by is $10.04 highest value, and for year 2031 the peak value can be 14.59.


The future price prediction is not exactly but is an approximation on the basis of historic data and project application and growth. The price is depending on the market situations, alternative to the projects etc.

YearHighest Price Source
2022 and 2023$0.055326 and $
2024$0.068432 WalletInvestor, & TradingBeast.
2026 and 2027$2 and $
2028 and 2029$4.88 and $
2030 and 2031$10.04 and $

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